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Everything in our store is either hand-designed, hand-made, homegrown, or hand-selected, personally by Christine Morier and Evan Falcone who are also contributing artists.  Our vision is to share our passion for art, nature, and humor from our home to yours. Homesteading is where our heart is, in Redwood Valley, CA (Mendocino County) where we are the makers of various works, including visual fine arts, paintings, photography, digital art, jewelry, and culinary art.  It has been a lifelong dream to open a "country store", where we can share our passion for the arts and our sense of whimsy, along with our appreciation for living a good, wholesome life in the country.  We are excited to share our passion for all things creative with you.

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Multimedia collage

Petanque Clothing & Accessories

Petanque Clothing & Accessories

Show the world how much you love the game of Petanque! 

Artisan Hand Crafted Jewelry by Christine Morier

Artisan Hand Crafted Jewelry by Christine Morier

Each piece is uniquely designed and handmade by Christine Morier. No two... 

  • Mendocino County, a place of inspiration

    We're so blessed to live less than an hour away from the ocean. Evan and Christine share the love of nature and have found that Mendocino County, where they call home, has offered a wealth of inspiration. Whether they are gardening, hiking around Lake Mendocino, or going for a drive to the coast, they are grateful to be surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Northern California mountains, meadows and coastline.

  • Evan Falcone, Cartoon Art

    Evan Falcone is a published cartoon artist who first discovered his love and talent for making people laugh, any way he could. He began drawing cartoons at the very young age of five years and has been drawing ever since. He has sold his art, taught children at the Charles Schultz Art Museum in Sonoma County, and has contributed to the local Grange in Redwood Valley as project manager for their new commercial kitchen.

  • Christine Morier, Homesteader

    Christine grew up in a small New England town and spent many summers on her Grandparents' twenty acres, learning about country life, gardening and homesteading, she has returned to her "roots" and living the country dream with her husband, Evan Falcone, who shares her passions.